Orange Holdings Limited: ‘Beacon of Business Excellence’

To educate, enrich, inspire, and accomplish wonders to infinity and beyond


Delivering unparalleled financial solutions for the global society

Orange Group wants to disrupt the popular yet erroneous myth that a privileged few can only afford the best financial services. We want to change and will change this with our world-class financial services for all.

Tech-driven financial solutions

Our pride is based on this very simple premise that with our tech-enabled financial services, you have no barrier to success. You don’t have to be privileged to achieve your potential to lead a better life. This here is our brand promise; our financial services are for everyone.

A Better Finance for bigger smiles

We aspire to keep every parent’s small dreams and every child’s small miracles safe and secure.

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Bluepay Services Pvt Ltd
White and Blue Securities
AkshayaPatra (1)

NBFC ( Arihant finance limited)


The backbone of India’s international trade is logistics, which helps to diversify both the country’s exports and its domestically produced goods. Orange Group as India’s leading logistics network seeks to facilitate the smooth flow of commodities and raise the competitiveness of Indian enterprises.

The group’s venture into logistics would speed up the industry, foster entrepreneurship, and increase value creation. Its goal is to reinvent supply chain management in India with an emphasis on resolving transport-related problems and saving manufacturers time and money.

Our Logistics strategy is an all-encompassing endeavor to address cost and inefficiency by establishing a broad, multi-jurisdictional, cross-sectoral framework for the evolving logistics ecosystem. Orange Group wants to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the logistics sector. The plan intends to increase employment possibilities, the economy, and the competitiveness of Indian goods on the international market.


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We are a global design company with a mission to make a difference.

Crafting ideas into people-centric designs, HPV has long been at the forefront of creating iconic brands with immortal designs.

Who we are

HPV was an idea, and the idea was to bring together a community of remarkable designers, artists, entrepreneurs, marketers, engineers, researchers, and more to see if they could work together to accomplish timeless wonders with their work. And yes, they did.

How we work

As pioneers of data-driven design decisions, we keep delightful user experiences at the center of our work. Our tenet of design super sense keeps evolving to meet business and user goals by solving the complex challenges of our times.

Explore our work

We are committed to entertain, educate and enlighten people around the globe with unparalleled data-driven designs, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds, and innovative technologies and aligning them with business success.

Enter the world of…
HPV Media Entertainment & Communication

Real Estate

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Orange Township


The group’s foray into the Retail industry segment is ultimately to serve all our consumers’ needs with purpose, passion, and devotion.

Our retail ventures empower the rural workforce, especially women, to live a financially independent life, providing ample job opportunities. Thus we find divinity and grace in their happiness.

Weaving golden bonds with golden deeds

Orange Groups’ branching into the gold retail segment began with the idea to reinvent the entire gold business framework. Our ventures, Akshya Pathra Golds Limited and Akshyam Jewellery Mart Pvt Ltd serve this vision.

Akshya Pathra Gold is envisioned to be India’s prominent Gold bullion provider with the focus of uniting all the best-in-class jewellers under one roof. We empower them with world-class products and services to create an airtight network of the best artisans to revolutionize the industry.

Akshyam Jewellery Mart Pvt Ltd has emerged as a jewellery brand that signifies superior craftsmanship, exclusive modern designs, and top-notch product quality while striking a perfect balance between traditional appeal and contemporary charm. The brand perfectly understands the ethos of the current Indian jewellery market and keeps evolving along with its changing demands and preferences.

Orange Auto Parts: World’s Finest Auto Parts

Don’t stop; just keep going with E-auto market

We deliver world-class auto parts online through its e-commerce portal

We are determined to provide premium quality auto parts to our customers with quality that meets international standards and local sensitivities as well.

The renowned reputation of our incredibly integrated network of vendors and service providers has led to our phenomenal growth in the US and several other international automotive markets.

We’re proud to affirm that over 1 million happy customers are part of the emerging E-Auto market family. Let our quality continue to make you happy and satisfied!

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Pioneering the next-gen digital transformation of businesses

Digimaster was founded in the truly entrepreneurial and trailblazing spirit that is the hallmark of the Orange group and began as a backend technology support operation meant to serve companies in the group.

Digimaster employs some of the world’s finest technology to revolutionize the digital spectrum and pioneer the next-gen digital transformation of business at large.

Capitalizing on cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, etc., to facilitate automation, and robotization to revolutionize the existing business ecosystem.

Our solutions are Web Development, Web Designing, Software Development, Software Consulting, Mobile App Development, and other IT solutions. We perpetually aim for customer-centric solutions for various platforms.


Orange Group with Singlebag, come not as competitors to the already crowded market, but as liberators with our noble vision for the global e-commerce Industry to return control of businesses and benefits to their rightful owners and superior value to the consumers.

Singlebag was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer E-commerce business opportunities at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially conscious business.

Singlebag is an incredible eCommerce tool and its sole purpose is to serve millions of aspiring entrepreneurs, to help them achieve glory, in business and in spirit.

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So Begins the Journey of a Million Miles…

The Orange group with the conception of Citron Tours has been in the travel, hospitality, and tourism industry since 2015.

Citron Tours is a Destination Management Company based in UAE licensed by the Government of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

Transforming your dream trips into wondrous memories filled with magical experiences for you and your loved ones.

Citron tours strive wholeheartedly to make all your travels stress-free, to make your voyage as beautiful and exciting as the destination. With Citron, all you got to do is sit back, relax and have fun.

Today, the group’s companies in the tourism and travel cater special care of individual and business clients across all facets.
Wanna travel? Just pack your bags. And the rest, we’ll take care.

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