Rejoice the Return of the Queens!

Orange Group’s ‘Rejoice the Return’ is an innovative recruitment program that offers chances for women who are re-entering the workforce following a professional gap.

Rejoice the Return is a platform for women returning to the workforce after a hiatus. It provides a variety of career alternatives, giving women the opportunity to choose either part-time or full-time work, and uses an onboarding technique that accelerates and streamlines the process.

Essentially a "career transition management program," Rejoice the Return focuses on creating alternative talent pools in both conventional and non-conventional formats.

This ground-breaking program was introduced on March 8,2021, International Women's Day. Throughout the year, Orange Holdings use this platform to list their short- and long-term personnel requirements. Visitors to may see, choose, and apply for open positions.

Candidates have the freedom to apply according to their time commitments since the program provides three formats—flexible working hours, formal upskilling, and full-time roles.

Orange Holdings takes great pride in its non-discrimination policies across business entities by ensuring impartial benefits for all women employees.

Return and Restart Your Career with Orange Holdings!

Words From Our Wonder Women

At the peak of my career, I gave up my job to cater for family responsibilities. Three years passed and slowly this feeling of incompleteness crept within me. Sooner I understood sitting idle at home ain’t my thing and it’s time to feed my burning passion to achieve. So I started looking for jobs and landed one with Orange Holdings, the one firm that showed a great belief in me and my skills. I joined as a Senior Manager–Operations in HPV media and have grown to the position of CEO, heading the company to the best of my ability. I shall forever be grateful to Orange Holdings for supporting my second career and giving me the opportunity to prove myself.

– Mehar Farhana
CEO – HighpowerV Media Entertainment and Communication